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We have been operating on the national territory for years and in various sectors, such as road processing.

We carry out building constructions and works such as roads, bridges, viaducts, underpasses, overpasses, earthmoving, squares and paving, with three hundred and sixty degrees work, from excavation to the laying of materials for large-scale flooring, as happens for ports and airports.

Our vast fleet of machines, always renewed to meet new needs, allows us to carry out demolition works of various types of structures (from civil and private buildings to industrial works), crushing of materials, also deriving from the demolition phases, drilling all types, housing of micropiles and deep boreholes for geological investigations.

We also deal with major urbanization works, such as the construction of water channels, sewer networks and distribution networks

of private and public gas lighting.

Aqueducts, Gas pipelines Irrigation works

Special consolidation works


River works and hydraulic arrangements

Special and verified demolitions

Quenching and tempering and environmental protection

Geognostic investigations

Rockfall barriers