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Who we are

We have been working for decades in the construction sector, both for public and private entities.

Our strengths are competence and professionalism, handed down by the founders of the company, attention to innovation and the organization of an experienced staff.

The combination of these elements allows us to offer a series of services, which are difficult to find all together in a single company.

We construct buildings, construct and adjust national and provincial roads, river and hydraulic works, port areas, aqueducts and sewers.
We design naturalistic engineering works, special structural works and we are equipped for the creation of special foundations and consolidation works.

Our territory

Our roots are in Crotone, our ambition pushes us to work all over the world. We are close to local companies by supplying pre-packaged cement conglomerates of any composition and strength, bituminous conglomerates for base layer and road wear mats of all kinds. Our presence in Calabria is tangible in every corner of "our land" but we also collaborate with organizations and companies in other regions to bring our modus operandi everywhere.